September 9, 2012

Back from a Little Break

I took a little break but now I'm back.  Smiles!!

I am sitting here hoping my sweet boy will take a much needed nap...we shall see!

I have been wanting to ask you if any of you have ever made your own baby food.  I would like to do so, though I have to admit I am a little intimidated.  It seems like such a daunting task.  Any suggestions?  Any lessons learned that you would like to share?

Also, those of you in Murfreesboro, have you noticed the butterflies?  I feel like I am seeing more butterflies than normal.  It truly makes me smile.  And it reminded me of the AMAZING journey that butterflies take!  Have you seen it?

Here is a video from NOVA.  It is absolutely beautiful.  

 The Incredible Journey of the Butterfly

It doesn't sound like Caffrey is planning on a nap.  Perhaps an early bedtime.

I hope you all are having a splendid weekend and I'll see you back here tomorrow!



~rachel~ said...

You should totally make your own baby food! It's a lot easier than you'd think. Our boys never had canned baby food and I really think they are such good eaters because of how we started them on food!

First off, with Silas I'm going to follow Baby Led Weaning a little more- google it I'm still learning about it but we did kind of use the concept with the other boys.

I have the book Super Baby Food and it's a good resource too but I didn't follow it all. We stated the boys on avocado and then banana- both so easy because you just mash it fresh and mix with breast milk if needed. We never did baby cereal either but later on I'd ground oats for oatmeal.
I never got too fancy when we just did purees. We'd just get whatever fruit or vegetable we were making cook it ( usually steamed or baked) and then purée. My favorite thing to use was the immersion blender but food processors work great too. We'd put them I to ice cube trays to freeze and once frozen put in a freezer bag then just take out what we wanted. We didn't do any seasonings until much later because we really wanted them to like the real food. They really liked everything but we could easily mix a fruit cube with a veggie if they weren't too into it! Right now would be a great time to start cause you can probably get some good fresh local produce! :)

Kirby Dudley said...

I keep checking the caccoon on our porch and I always think of you when I do :)

Kirby Dudley said...

I keep checking the caccoon on our front porch and I always think of you when I do :)

Jessica Cooper said...

I make my own food for the girls. I use the following websites and to get ideas for recipes. I also browse the baby food aisles and check out the combos on the Ella's food pouches, too.

Fresh fruits and veggies, produce section or farmer's market-- either will do. :) Food processor or immersion blender (you do NOT need a fancy baby food mill). I use ice cube trays to freeze mine in 1 oz cubes, then dump them all in a ziploc. It keeps for 3 months. :) I set out what I need each night in the fridge for the following day. I also mix flavors when thawing not before. :) HTH :)

Jenna Hale said...

Rachel and Jessica, thank you so much for all of the information! I'm excited to try making Caffrey's food!

Jenna Hale said...

Kirby, you'll have to let me know what it hatches. Emerges?