August 20, 2012

A Mouse in the House...

A mouse in the house does not make for a happy house.

Tonight, Matt was a hero and I, well, I discovered a few things.

1. I am not a good mouse catcher.
2. I am not a very good mouse-catcher-assistant.
3. My husband is amazing.
4. We will be calling someone tomorrow to come make sure all of the mice are gone.
5. Make sure you clean behind your refrigerator every once in a while...

At approximately 9:00 pm my evening became very exciting.  I encountered a mouse (gasp!) in the bathroom.  And yes I gasped but at least I did not scream.  He bobbed I weaved.  He weaved I bobbed.  He ran away.  I ran away.  I made an attempt to be brave and ran to the kitchen to get tupperware to catch it but as I stood at the doorway of the bathroom I knew I couldn't do it.  So I called Matt and asked him to come home (he was at church).  We searched for that mouse but to no avail and I knew I wouldn't sleep a wink tonight.

Then, Matt heard a sound behind the refrigerator.  Matt moved it, no mouse.  We started to clean a little (you can not pull a refrigerator away from a wall and ignore the mess behind it) when Matt said he got it!!  The mouse had been hiding in a corner of the kitchen the entire time!!  So as Matt went to set the captive free (far, far away from the Happy Hale House) I continued to clean around the refrigerator.  And then I encountered another mouse.  There were more gasps, more bobbing and weaving and another phone call to Matt.  "Please come back!"  And we still can't find the mouse. my a mouse.  I saw it.  And I don't know where it is.  Lord please help me.

Below is a picture of the first mouse Matt caught.

Little mouse, you might be a little cute but my home is not your home.  Please inform your family members, friends, acquaintances, and any strange mice you come across in your life.  The Happy Hale House is not a happy place for mice.  Thank you.

Happy night to you all.  I hope your homes are mice free.


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