August 20, 2012

A Return to Creativity

I've realized a desire to become more creative.  I remember being so creative when I was little: dreaming up stories, designing clothes, writing songs and poems, playing pretend, even creating board games (I made one for school on Italy that was fabulous!!!  Wish I knew what happened to it...).  I was always thinking and creating and I loved who I was doing those things!

I've recently found myself exiting a season of creative moments but not consistent creativity.  I was in a place where I was developing other aspects of myself: leadership, organization, task-management, delegation areas of which I am SUPER GLAD to have grown and matured in.  And I did have moments of creativity.  I don't want to negate those opportunities because they were amazing.  But I wasn't really focused on furthering my creativeness and I have found that I desparately want to do that.

I want to return to that place where I get SO excited about trying new things, learning new things, slowing down and recognizing beauty and creativity around me.  I want to tap into a part of me that I know is there and see what happens.  I want to return to creativity.

And so begins a series.  A series that will note my attempts at newness and thinking out of the box and trying things I've never tried.  It will also be a series that records other people's creativity.  Things taking place around me that inspire and encourage, that make me dream and imagine again.  A series that will hopefully inspire others to return to creativity.

So here is to A Return to Creativity.  I hope you'll join me!



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