August 22, 2012


I don't know why transitions seem so difficult sometimes.  Maybe because it's change and people in general tend to balk at change, I'm not sure.  We had a transition here in the Happy Hale House last night and for some reason this transition was one I found extremely challenging.

Last night, Caffrey moved from our room into his own.  There were many times before last night that we intended to move him to his own room but I continually found reasons to postpone the inevitable.  I know every mother finds herself struggling with different aspects of her child's growing up and I found that this one was one of mine.  I'm sure there will be other points of transition that I struggle with concerning Caffrey, and I know I'm not alone in this but that did not bring comfort last night.

As we were nearing bedtime I found myself in our living room, in the rocking chair, cuddling my sweet boy as we read our bedtime Bible story, as is our normal routine.  I finished the story, set the Bible aside and just held Caffrey.  And I prayed.  I knew that my worry was wrong and unnecessary and so I asked the Lord for peace.  Even as I prayed, anxiety would rise up and my heart would race but I continued to pass it on to the Lord.  We stayed like that for a while and when it was time to lay Caffrey down in his own room I was able to do so in confidence.  Confident that I could trust God.  Confident that He can care for Caffrey better than I can and confident that He would help Matt and I hear Caffrey if he needed us.  And the night went really well.  I woke up this morning so thankful in my heart that I can trust the Lord.

I know more transitions will come and I'm sure there will be many that I find difficult but I am thankful that the Lord is teaching me to trust Him with Caffrey's life now.  It brings peace that I don't think could come from any other source.

I am curious moms: what did you find difficult in this first year?  One thing in particular?  Many things?  How did you work through them?

Speaking of Caffrey, here he is 5 months and all.  
(Photography has been my first Return to Creativity project and do I have a long way to go...
More on that later.)

Happy day to you!


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~rachel~ said...

Love that boy, he is adorable!
I'm sure that was a tough transition for you! You are such a good mom :)

The toughest thing for me in the first year is usually letting someone other than Mike or myself watch them. Even if it's only an hour it's really hard for me. With the older ones it's definetly this school thing. It was easier with daycare because I picked them up so could talk to the teachers. But when they ride the bus there are a lot of hours that I know nothing about and that is hard.